China, Japan develop ‘albatross’ high-speed train, with a top speed of 500km/h
04/26/2018|1:48:23 PM|SouthChinaMorningPost

China’s efforts to bring high-speed rail travel around the world look set to heat up as it jointly develops a robotic train with Japan that can run up to 500 kilometers per hour, which would make it one of the world’s fastest trains.

The Aero Train’s indicative top speed of 500km/h would beat the Shanghai Maglev, which clocked in at 430km/h.

Initial plans would have Japan launch the world’s first Aero Train line in 2025. 

China is also in the middle of a massive 3.5 trillion yuan (USD 554 billion) programme to extend its high-speed rail network, which is already the largest in the world.

The system now has 22,000km of track, with plans to increase this to 30,000km by 2020, connecting more than 80 percent of the nation’s big cities.

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