Qunar.com ties up with hotelbook.com
05/15/2007|5:25:00 PM|Eyefortravel
China’s travel search engine Qunar.com has shared that Chinese consumers will be able to access Pegasus Solutions’ independent travel website, hotelbook.com, inventory of hotel properties in an easy-to-use, (5/11/2007)

 “We believe that Qunar will provide our member hotels with an outstanding opportunity to market directly to China’s emerging consuming class, many of whom are willing and ready to travel worldwide,” said Olivier Dombey, Regional Vice President Asia Pacific of Pegasus Solutions. “We feel that travel search engines such as Qunar provide highly-qualified consumers at high conversion rates.”

With a database of nearly 5,000 independent hotels, hotelbook.com features properties in 144 different countries and 1,564 cities, while Qunar has over five million monthly unique visitors, searching hundreds of travel websites.

Qunar’s VP - Product, Denise Peng said Hotelbook’s huge base of hotel properties will prove to be very valuable to Qunar´s customers.

“Our customers, who are very keen to travel the world, will be able to conveniently book rooms through Pegasus´ Chinese-language booking engine,” said Denise.