Trade war would greatly harm Chinese, US aviation
03/28/2018|4:37:02 PM|ChinaDaily

A potential trade war between China and the United States would be harmful to the development of companies from the two countries, Wang Changshun, chairman of China Southern Airlines, said at the airline's annual results press conference Tuesday.

As aviation is one of the most important trade sectors between China and the US, the US aircraft giant Boeing has become the largest supplier for China civil aviation.

According to Wang, Boeing's sales in China reached $12 billion in 2017, accounting for 15 percent of its total revenue. The market in China has become one of its fastest-growing markets.

Wang said China Southern Airlines' fleet includes about 750 aircraft, of which 407 were bought from Boeing. There are another 187 Boeing aircraft planned to be delivered before 2020.

Wang reckoned the domestic aviation industry will maintain a relatively rapid development pace over a certain period. According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China, in 2020, the annual number of passengers transported by China's civil aircraft will reach 720 million.

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