Luxury hotel booking: Mobile drives traffic but pales in conversion
03/24/2018|9:40:40 AM|80 DAYS

Across the entire data sample, desktop still edges out mobile in driving the most traffic to the hotel websites we evaluated.

Despite accounting for a significant volume of website traffic, mobile still only accounts for 10.2% of total website revenue across the hotels we evaluated. Again, this figure is growing as the usability of mobile booking engines improves and user confidence in purchasing on smartphone devices increases. These figures lend credence to the widely held industry opinion that smartphones are used more for information search, in the early stages of travel planning.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, mobile converts the least at just 0.19% of all website visits, while desktop converts highest at 1.85% and tablet languishes a little behind at 1.46%.

Despite having a market share of 85.9% in 2017 (according to Gartner), Android devices only accounted for 37.5% of sessions and 24.2% of revenue. This compares to iOS devices that had a market share of 14.0% but drove 61.3% of traffic and 69.7% of revenue.

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