Google hotel reviews more than doubled in 2017
03/15/2018|4:10:23 PM|Phocuswire

The findings are part of the Global Hotel Reputation Benchmark Report prepared by Revinate, a software and data analytics company for hotels that analyzed 132 million online guests reviews from 138,000 properties across 200 countries.

Nearly three-quarters of all reviews come from the top four sites:, Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook. retained its lead as the top review aggregator, but Google is gaining ground. Reviews on the site in 2017 were more than 200% above the 2016 level, with about two-thirds of that content posting between July and December.

Google reviews accounted for 70% of the net review growth across all sites in 2017. Without the Google data, Revinate says the year-over-year growth in reviews would have been just 9% - not 27%.

Facebook is a new entry in the top four, replacing

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