6 stats to illustrate Google Travel’s ‘in the age of assistance’
01/30/2018|4:18:49 PM|Tnooz

Google Travel has come up with a new term: ‘the age of assistance.’ This term doesn’t refer to traditional customer service, but the multi-layered communications approach required by nearly every brand with customers.

The digital assistant has become the way many brands offer a tailored user experience. And this growth is set to continue, per Google.

A majority of travelers want experiences tailored to them, using personal preferences or past behavior to influence the experience. This is something that many brands have trouble with, because not every traveler wants their data used for personalization.

The last-minute traveler has unique needs. Things like a rapid booking flow and an instant connection to customer service can make or break a last-minute traveler’s decision to book a hotel.

To close out the view into today’s traveler, another stat jumps out: the number of people that would splurge on an impulsive trip based solely on a last-minute deal. These are all important inputs for travel brands looking to understand how to segment and market to specific subsets of their travelers.

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