Global airline ancillary revenue rises 22% to $82.2 billion
01/18/2018|2:53:45 PM|Phocuswire

Allegiant Air is apparently the global airline with the greatest prowess in the field of generating ancillary revenue alongside ticket sales.

Other carriers included in a top five list of ancillary revenue leaders, produced with car rental tech provider CarTrawler, are EasyJet, Delta, Ryanair and GOL.

This figure marks an extraordinary jump of 264% from the 2010 revenue estimate of $22.6 billion, when IdeaWorks first started pulling together the data.

EasyJet's second spot in the list is due to its tie-in with Norwegian and WestJet, to connect passengers from short-haul routes in Europe to destinations further afield.

The virtual interlining is handled via a web platform provided by tech firm Dohop, centered around connecting passengers at London Gatwick Airport.

Delta's recognition (following reinvestment from its baggage fees) is a pure-play technology tool whereby passengers can locate a bag via the carrier's mobile app.

Ryanair was singled out for a tool that allows passengers to select (and pay for) seats on its mobile app.

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