ready with flight search product
05/08/2007|3:11:00 PM|Eyefortravel
Asia Pacific travel search engine has launched a new flight search product that searches multiple airline and travel agencies and features a revolutionary new user interface that allows users to easily scan and filter thousands of airfare and flight combinations in real-time. (5/3/2007)

According to the company, a flight search entered on is sent to all of Bezurk’s airline and travel agency partners who respond to Bezurk with prices, flight details and seat availability. Results are then standardised and augmented with rich product information before being streamed to the user’s web browser. This saves the user from having to visit each website individually and to perform the same search over and over in order to find the best flight deal.

The new Bezurk flight search interface is designed to simplify the sifting process by allowing a user to apply multiple product filters to the results set in real-time and to see at a glance in the Best Fares Matrix the best three prices for each airline.

“We’ve been beta testing and tweaking our flight search product for several months now,” said Ross Veitch, Chief Product Officer, “Our new version includes more booking partners, is significantly faster, has more powerful filters and is much easier to use than our beta versions. For travel shoppers in the Asia Pacific region there is no better way to save both time and money when looking for the best deals on airfares.”

The rich functionality, fat client interface utilises cutting edge AJAX technology to make sorting, filtering and comparing travel products effortless for the end user. It also allows Bezurk to progressively stream search results from each partner straight to the user’s browser without having to wait for all partners to finish returning results, delivering a fast and intuitive user experience.

Features in the new user interface include: A comparison of prices inclusive of all airport charges, taxes, fuel surcharges (where available) is shown so a consumer can make a true price comparison between competing suppliers; Filtering of search results by airline, price range, departure/arrival time, number of stops, stopover airports, plane type, airports, cabin class or booking website; Sorting of search results by price, departure time, arrival time or flight duration; Detailed flight information including: flight #, flight arrival and departure times, stopover information (where and for how long), type of plane, whether it is a code-share and if so which airline is operating the flight; Fare details including booking partner name and website URL, base fare, tax and total fare (where available), fare type and fare rules (where available).