An airline perspective on social media and AI in 2017 and the coming year
12/26/2017|2:51:57 PM|ChinaTravelNews

KLM has been at the forefront of new tech and social developments in the airline industry in 2017. From its work on the WhatsApp Business Platform to its bot on Google Home.

tnooz spoke with KLM’s manager of social media, Karlijn Vogel-Meijer, to get insights on the benefits the airline has seen from its adoption of AI as part of its customer support strategy and get her predictions on the trends which will matter most to brands in 2018.

The company just announced that its AI integration, supported by Digital Genius, has yielded excellent results in terms of improving responsiveness, without sacrificing the personal touch that forms a core part of the friendly KLM brand.

As Vogel-Meijer explains, introducing AI was a necessary step to managing customer contacts, especially during times of travel disruption. However, KLM wanted to avoid inefficient automation which leads customers into an endless Q&A that never yields the right answers, so the machine learning capabilities of the AI interface were critical.

The volume of engagement that KLM has with customers justifies a degree of automation, Vogel-Meijer explains, in order to ensure that customers get the best service possible:

Vogel-Meijer identified a shift to chat platforms as the big social trend for 2017, and she expects that it will also drive trends in 2018.

Vogel-Meijer tells us that it was this preference for chat platforms that ultimately led KLM to cancel its customer service response on LinkedIn.

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