TravelSky Technology launches QUICK Passenger Retailing System
12/12/2017|12:01:21 PM|TravelSky Technology

TravelSky Technology Limited is delighted to introduce the QUICK Passenger Retailing System, designed for airlines with high growth potential and interest in ancillary service sales. QUICK is a hybrid system composed of features derived from a traditional Passenger Service Solution (PSS) and e-commerce tools, hence referred to as a Passenger Retailing System. 

QUICK is part of an initiative to increase the global footprint of TravelSky Technology Limited, a vision which will be achieved by providing excellent customer service and state of the art technology. 

QUICK is designed to serve the international and Chinese domestic market alike and can be easily adapted to new market conditions and commercial trends. With QUICK, airlines will gain full control over their sales and distribution strategies enabling them to become true retailers in the competitive travel marketplace. Airlines using the QUICK system will be able to focus on passenger demands and adapt marketing and sales strategies according to requirements. 

QUICK has been developed over the last 2 years and features latest technology around IATA’s ONE Order philosophy and a fully integrated xml API, following the NDC Standards, on a new platform. QUICK will be provided under the principles of Software as a Service and can be hosted globally. Scalability and Security is achieved by hosting in Cloud environments in partnership with international partners. 

QUICK will complement the existing TravelSky Technology Limited product range and enable airlines to fully access the Chinese distribution network through seamless integration to established products, but will at the same time, be able to connect to international sales channels in order to enable airlines to compete and gain market share.