Ian Schrager calls out hotel industry’s Airbnb strategy as misguided
12/08/2017|8:03:06 PM|Skift

Veteran hotelier Ian Schrager, who’s been involved in somedisruption during his career, thinks the hotel industry’s tack to fight Airbnb through legislation won’t win out in the long run.

Instead, Schrager said, the hotel industry needs to beat Airbnb by focusing on developing communal spaces, because Airbnb “can’t do it.”

It’s difficult, after all, to create communal spaces in an isolated apartment someone is renting, although Airbnb is trying to create a sense of community through its tours and activities and other efforts.

The American Hotel & Lodging Association, for one, is heavily involved in lobbying against Airbnb — or leveling the playing field, as the organization puts it. Many governments around the world have passed legislation to limit or ban the homesharing site.

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