American Airlines comes up with a new way to share its weekly specials
05/02/2007|3:43:00 PM|Eyefortravel
American Airlines has introduced txtSAAver fare messages for customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth market as part of its first-phase roll out. (4/27/2007)

Customers can sign up to receive a text message with fare sale information and special offers from American each week. The text specials will come from American’s weekly NetSAAver fares, which are sent to millions of customers every Tuesday. American is the first airline to offer this unique service.

On offering customers a new way to receive weekly specials from American, Rob Friedman, American’s Managing Director - Interactive Marketing said, “Our research shows that 80 percent of our customers carry a cell phone, so this is a logical way to reach out to them, providing information they want from the convenience of their phone.”

To sign up for the service, users will need to log on to aaver, fill in their information and hit “enroll”. Once registered, they will start receiving a txtSAAver message each week.