DerbySoft, Hotelchamp join forces in name of direct bookings
10/26/2017|3:50:47 PM|DerbySoft

Travel distribution service firm Derbysoft and Amsterdam-based hotel direct-booking technology provider Hotelchamp announced a partnership to increase and convert hotel website traffic. 

By combining Derbysoft’s distribution services and Hotelchamp's marketing platform for hotels, the two companies work together to increase hotel direct bookings and supporting their customers.

The synergy between them will directly benefit hotels who seek to have more direct bookings via metasearch on their own websites. Hotels gain more traffic to their websites, and have their sites optimized for higher booking conversion rate. 
“We are pleased to work with Hotelchamp for our Metasearch Manager. Our customers can benefit from Hotelchamp’s solution in terms of boosting more direct bookings on their” said Co-founder and CEO Mr. Ted Zhang. “Our Metasearch Manager helps hotels to bid and optimize their presence on different metasearch channels, and finally drive more traffic to their"