The world's 5 fastest growing cities for tourism are all in China
10/25/2017|9:30:12 AM|CNBC

The World Travel and Tourism Council's latest "City Travel and Tourism Impact" report shows that Asian cities will be at the forefront of tourism growth over the next decade, and that's especially true for those in China.

The city of Chongqing in southwest China tops the list on the latest study, with 14 percent growth per year. That's closely followed by Guangzhou at 13.1 percent.

"The strong Chinese domestic market is behind the growth of cities such as Chongqing and Guangzhou which rely on spend from Chinese nationals for 94.5 percent and 89.1 percent of their Travel & Tourism GDP respectively," the report said.

Shanghai also shows growth at 12.8 percent, while China's capital city of Beijing is at 12 percent per year.

"The two-digit growth that we see here in this part of the world is very impressive," Gloria Guevara, president and CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council told CNBC's "The Rundown."

"China is good not only as a sourcing market for some other countries, but also their domestic traveling is huge," she added.

The other cities on the top ten list are Chengdu in China (11.2 percent), Manila in the Philippines (10.9 percent), Delhi in India (10.8 percent), Shenzhen in China (10.7 percent), Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia (10.1 percent) and Jakarta in Indonesia (10 percent).

The study covers a total of 65 cities, chosen for being among the top ranked for arrivals, and spending by visitors. Twenty-one of those cities are in Asia Pacific.

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