Jet Airways and Travelocity sign exclusive travel agreement
04/26/2007|3:25:00 PM|Eyefortravel

Jet Airways and Travelocity have signed an exclusive travel agreement, for expansion of Travelocity’s hotel offerings through the Jet Airways website. (4/24/2007)

This agreement will enable travellers to book hotels in India via This hotel booking service, leveraging Travelocity’s proprietary data base of hotels, will complement the enhanced air booking engine on, which attracts over 1.25 million visitors per month.

The development marks the first Travelocity Partner Network relationship announced in India, and it follows Travelocity India’s’ recent launch of the site.

According to an official release, the agreement represents “an innovative and first-to-market initiative for Jet Airways to offer real-time hotel bookings online, in conjunction with Travelocity.”

Users, via the Jet Airways site, will also gain access to Travelocity’s range of value-added insider information on hotels which may include background information on the hotel, photographs, real traveller reviews, ratings, interactive maps and streaming videos. Indian hotel suppliers participating in Travelocity’s ‘Net Rate’ hotel programme can now broaden their online distribution for the first time via a major Indian airline website, according to a release.

Roshan Mendis, Director of Supplier Relations and Partnerships for the Travelocity group in Asia Pacific said: “Partnerships are a very important part of Travelocity’s global business. As our first Travel Partner deal in India, this new relationship represents a win-win arrangement for Jet Airways, Travelocity, hotel suppliers and Indian travellers. Our new business relationship with Jet Airways represents supplier confidence in, and a powerful endorsement of, our unparalleled hotel booking technology, range of hotels and customer service.”