HRG UK Avoids Passing GDS Charges To Clients
04/25/2007|3:45:00 PM|Btbtravel
Mon Apr 23, 2007: HRG UK has announced that, having given due consideration to all elements in the debate and in a bid to mitigate further costs for its clients, it will not be passing on GDS (Global Distribution System) opt-in charges to its clients. The decision follows clarification of British Airways´ (BA´s) latest contract negotiations with Galileo and Sabre.

Global Industry Affairs Director Mike Platt explained: "In recent years HRG has played a crucial role in working with the airlines and GDS suppliers to anticipate change and ensure that we have the most efficient and widest access to fares and ticketing alternatives for the benefit of our clients. We are also committed to maximising our clients´ expenditure and creating added value whilst doing all we can to avoid passing on added cost as a result of industry developments.

"We therefore felt it appropriate to await further clarification from BA before setting out our position and I am pleased that we have now been able to avoid further charges for our clients. We will continue to monitor the situation to see how it develops in the future and will undertake a review of our position in 12 months time."