Amadeus To Launch Leisure Destination Services Platform Worldwide
04/22/2007|4:17:00 PM|Btbtravel

Wed Apr 18, 2007:Amadeus, a global leader in technology and distribution solutions for the travel and tourism industry, has announced the upcoming launch of the new global leisure destination services platform -- Amadeus Activities & Entertainment. This new offering will give users the ability to book a wide variety of vital local leisure and transport services in many of the world´s top destinations - all through one interface. The platform will be deployed in North America, the UK and Spain in the next six months and in France, Germany and Italy over the next year.

Furthermore, Amadeus has signed a strategic partnership with Unaira GmbH, a leading consolidator of destination content and services to the travel industry, for the worldwide distribution of Unaira´s content within Amadeus. The partnership between Unaira and Amadeus will enable travellers and retail partners to book and purchase a variety of services including event tickets, sightseeing tours, restaurant bookings and airport transfers. They will also have access to the broad range of Global City Guides, travel e-guides that Unaira has compiled through an extensive research process.

"I am pleased with the upcoming launch as it will bring huge benefits to all players in the travel distribution chain. Travellers will enjoy an expanded service enabling end-to-end trips and the booking of destination content for greater travel experience. Providers will gain easy access to distribution through a global multi-channel network. Finally retailers will be in a position to generate additional revenues from local content across the most important destinations with a highly productive booking tool," says Albert Pozo, Managing Director, Travel Services & Leisure, Amadeus.

This destination content will be available through multiple channels, including via online travel agencies´ websites and through traditional agencies. Through a smart tab within the Amadeus Selling Platform, travel agencies can offer their clients tailored destination content, with close to 30,000 different products in over 400 destinations worldwide, providing an innovative approach to selling commissionable products beyond air travel. Destination content can be accessed by entering the customer´s Passenger Name Record, location, or travel dates, choosing from a vast array of options that can be customised according to the end user´s needs.

"This partnership allows consumers to have greater access to vast array of local service providers in the travel and tourism industry and addresses a significant need - an all-encompassing international booking solution-- which will have tremendous benefits to all parties involved," said Brice J. Bay, President and CEO of Unaira. "We are streamlining the entire process so that both travellers and agents will be able to easily plan entire trips from beginning to end - with more local product offerings and higher commissions."

Ellen Foreman, Certified Travel Consultant, Central Travel in Holland , Ohio , USA commented, "The new destination content tab significantly reduces the time normally spent researching requests to book local events, restaurants and other travel activities. The booking and confirmation process was so fast and easy, it was practically effortless -- and we received a good percentage-based commission."