French Travelsoft buys travel data marketing service Sepage
06/07/2017|1:09:24 PM|Tnooz

Sepage is now part of TravelSoft, in a deal to bring artificial intelligence tools for tourism to a wider audience.

Travelsoft is the owner of Orchestra, a travel offer distribution and reservation platform based in France.

The company says the deal with allow it to “address the full range of digital challenges companies face”, covering both marketing and distribution.

Sepage was formed in 2013 (TLabs here) with a mission to use data to help with targeting and personalisation.

Founder and CEO of Travelsoft, Christian Sabbagh, says:
“The major challenge in e-travel is to provide the maximum flexibility and completeness, and at the same time to master the explosion of data volumes to improve the relevance of the the content shown to the user.
“The technologies created by Sépage will be a vital part of the industry’s coming transformation.”

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