American Airlines launches online resource for women
04/12/2007|4:10:00 PM|Eyefortravel
American Airlines has become the first airline to introduce a convenient (4/10/2007)

With nearly 50 million female passengers boarding American Airlines flights each year, the airline stated that it recognises the growing women´s market. It also shared that provides American an additional opportunity to reach out to female customers and solicit their insights, as well as to offer women a unique place for women to connect with each other and with American.´s content includes information on safety and security; saving time and money while traveling; traveling with friends, family or partners; and stories and advice from other women travelers.

"This is a great opportunity to recognise the achievements of women, let them know we are listening to them, and demonstrate through that we value their business," said Peggy Sterling, American´s Vice President of Safety, Security and Environmental, and American´s first female line- operations officer.

Sterling said that American knows that all of its customers benefit from suggestions made by women travelers, and by improving the customer experience, the airline has a tremendous opportunity to grow its revenue, market share, and customer loyalty.

In any given year, approximately 48 percent of American Airlines customers are women. American estimates that if the company is able to raise the number of women traveling on the airline by two percent (at $100 per segment) as a result of and its emphasis on women travelers, the airline would garner an additional $94 million in revenue annually while providing additional value and travel information to female customers at no extra cost to them.

"For more than 80 years, women travelers have relied on American to transport them to destinations around the world," said Nora Linville, Director - American Airlines Women´s Sales and Marketing. "In designing and building, we created a travel advisory panel of expert women travelers, including former female employees, women business owners, and women who regularly travel for business and pleasure. The feedback from these women was valuable in ensuring would offer our female passengers useful information that was presented in a way to make researching and purchasing travel easier and more efficient."