The role of emotion in travel purchasing decisions
01/23/2017|3:18:59 PM|Tnooz

Travelling is inherently emotional. Travellers can feel a plethora of emotions ahead of a trip: excitement, dread, comfort, or any combination thereof. But how can these emotions influence a purchasing decision, and how can travel companies leverage this to optimal effect?

NB: This is a viewpoint by Alberto Ferreira, UX researcher at eDreams ODIGEO.

Emotion guides decision making. Research has consistently shown that people are less patient when they are in a negative frame of mind, and fear can dissuade travellers from a destination. There are simple triggers that can guide the decision making process, but quantifying these can be a daunting task.

Defining moments

The best way to analyse the emotional journey is by using a common emotional instrument such asPlutchik’s Wheel of Emotions or the Geneva Wheel. When used in interviews and workshops, these self-evaluation instruments allow insights into what clients feel at each stage of the shopping and booking process.

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