Netizen Digital sets up website for active over-50s
04/06/2007|5:06:00 PM|Eyefortravel

Online travel marketing specialist Netizen Digital has designed and developed a new website,, for specialist tour operator The Adventure Company to sell its new programme of tours for active over-50s. (4/4/2007)

Prime Adventures was conceived after The Adventure Company’s customer feedback revealed a significant demand for tours catering specifically for the over-50s market. According to an official release, the Prime Adventures website retains some visual elements of The Adventure Company brand but it has its own distinct look and feel.

The Adventure Company’s head of online marketing Keith Lavender said, “We are very excited about this new brand and already in the first week we have seen our website ‘take-off’. We had looked at the travel industry and realised the importance of the Internet to this sector of the market. The so called ‘Silver surfers’ are happy to embrace new technology such as Google Earth and Live Chat. All of our tours are specially designed and the average group size is just 12 which is a first in this market. ”

According to Netizen Digital, mindful of Prime Adventures’ target market, Netizen Digital has paid close attention to aspects of accessibility such as easy text resizing options, as well as an icon-based grading system to indicate the level of physical exertion required on each tour. Maximum usability has been achieved by providing users with flexible paths of navigation.

The site offers specific product search options, theme based browsing, and geographic based browsing. The site’s interactive maps provide users with detailed tour information and images. Crucially, a Google Earth integration layer allows users to click from a specific tour details page directly through to the details of the tour displayed on Google Earth. It was shared that The Adventure Company has already had success with Google Earth on its main website: it has been responsible for a five percent uplift in website traffic as well as a significant presence in the natural search listings for Google Earth key terms.

Netizen Digital MD Lewis Lenssen said, “As niche markets such as active over 50s travellers move online, travel companies need to think carefully about providing an online presence tailored to their needs and expectations. In Prime Adventures we have developed a website that is attuned to the needs of this expanding group of online travel buyers.

Lewis added, “The Google Earth functionality is a great example of how companies can use technology to find innovative, engaging ways to present their products. Prime Adventures’ Google Earth integration layer encourages its users to form strong emotional connections to their chosen tours and destinations.”