A new community site for groups from Group Travel Planet
04/03/2007|5:59:00 PM|Eyefortravel
Group Travel Planet, LLC, is set to launch GroupAbout.com, a new community site for groups on the go that combines the power of the company’s advanced group-booking engine with new collaboration and social networking tools that make it easier for groups to plan and share information. (3/30/2007)

 “GroupAbout is an exciting new site that mashes up the best of all of our technology under one umbrella,” said Scott Harness, co-founder and chief executive officer, Group Travel Planet, LLC.

“This is truly the most advanced group travel site available on the Internet today. No other group travel site comes close to providing group travel planners with the host of innovative tools that GroupAbout offers making it easier than ever for groups to plan it, share it, book it, and go,” said Harness.

By launching the new site, the company plans to provide its new GroupAbout community technology to all of its core sites, including CoachQuote.com and GroupTravelPlanet.com, as-well-as the traffic from its vast distribution network that today includes Orbitz, SideStep, Amadeus, One Travel, Active.com, Revelex, and more.

GroupAbout’s new features allow group organizers and their members to:

· Setup their own personalised group home page where they can post important trip information, find out who’s coming, exchange ideas with their group, and let everyone share photos before and after the trip, while giving the group organiser the control over who has access to their group’s home page

· Under one login account, users can create or join multiple groups, as a group leader or member

· Create and send a customised survey to find out where everyone wants to go, when, what they want to do, where they want to stay, among others, and even allows a group organiser to enter their own questions and responses

· Post blogs and bulletin board messages, including allowing users to post HTML and CSS graphics with their comments

· Invite members and keep them engaged throughout the process through automated email notification

· Track member registration and individual payments for trips

· Post event schedules

· Plan, book and manage their entire trip online, including their group hotel rooms, transportation and trip activities right from their group’s home page. Groups booking group hotel rooms can add and drop rooms, change single room reservations in the block, pay as a group or as individuals, and more, all online

· Access articles on featured destinations and group activities from the company’s magazine

“Not only does this site use all the powerful tools for planning, booking, and managing all aspects of a group trip online, but it also gives groups the power to exchange information throughout the process,” said Harness. “Whether it’s a school or church group, friends getaway, family reunion, or sports team, GroupAbout gives groups the tools they need to plan and share information for all their group trips now and in the future. Plus, for those users who are involved with several groups, GroupAbout lets them create or join multiple groups, as a group leader or member, all under one user account.”