New low-cost carrier opts for Cardiff International Airport as base
04/02/2007|6:01:00 PM|eyefortravel

A new budget airline Flyforbeans is planning to start flying to European destinations towards the end of 2007. (3/29/2007)

The airline is to launch its first services in Europe out of Cardiff International Airport.

Details pertaining to routes are to be made public by the autumn. As per the information available, the airline, launched by air consultancy SkyMerlin, said these would include airports in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and eastern Europe.

Three Boeing 737-300s will operate, each able to carry 148 passengers. The airline hopes to run up to 12 return flights from Cardiff a day. The south Wales-based project is being funded by private investors and the airline said it was confident its application to operate would be accepted by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Close to 100 new jobs will initially be created by the venture, with further jobs set to be added over the next three years.

Flyforbeans managing director Tim Lee said the company promised a “true low cost, no frills” approach, aimed at keeping fares as low as possible.

“We expect to see business people, families going away for weekends, people travelling to holiday homes, migrant workers, the whole mix,” said Lee. “We know there is a lot of leakage from south Wales to other airports like Bristol - passengers who would fly from Cardiff if there are flights from there.”

“We will serve routes to eastern Europe, Spain, Germany and France but generally we will not be serving the main or capital city airports to these destinations,” said the spokesperson. “We don’t see the likes of easyJet as direct competition but we have identified a gap in the market that we think we can exploit.”