Sabre is providing wider revenue picture for airlines
11/01/2016|6:26:57 PM|Tnooz

Sabre has released the first phase of its revenue optimisation technology for airlines.

The company believes the new technology, which has been in development for three years, can tap into the shift in how carriers sell tickets and ancillaries and the drive towards personalisation.

The AirVision Revenue Optimizer system will replace revenue management technology Sabre has had in place since the 1980s when it was part of American Airlines.

The first phase of the technology is around seat optimisation with later releases including origin and destination optimisation and ancillary optimisation slated for next year.

The technology is designed to help airlines with forecasting and making better decisions on how to use their networks including codeshares.

Sabre AirVision vice president of marketing and solution management Pramod Jain says one of the big benefits of the technology is its access to real-time information, with airlines hampered in the past by only receiving updates once a day.

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