Passengers to trade personal data for better airline experience
10/25/2016|1:14:58 PM|Tnooz

Over eight out of ten airline passengers say they would be happy to give more personal information to airlines and airports to build a more “customised travel experience”, according to the annual Global Passenger Survey conducted by IATA with almost 7,000 regular fliers.

Other important trends to highlight in the report include the increasing desire by passengers to handle many of the traditional airport processes themselves, by using technology.

For the first time, over half (51%) say they would want to use their own devices on-board a flight if they technology to access in-flight entertainment was an option – this is an increase of 12% from the same survey in 2015.

Some further noteworthy findings from the report:

 *Most popular elements that will improve the flight experience – inflight wifi (under 24s), timely notifications (25-44), attentive cabin crew (45+).
 *26% would like to have luggage picked up from home and taken to the airport.
 *Notification priorities – flight status (85%), baggage status (60%), waiting times at border control/security (58%).
 *Notification channels – text or SMS (53%), mobile app alert (22%), email (21%).
 *On-board wifi uses – emails (30%, instant messaging (23%), web browsing (22%).

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