focuses on online search analysis and reporting
03/27/2007|5:39:00 PM|Eyefortravel has chosen MicroStrategy Incorporated , a provider of business intelligence software, to anchor key marketing reporting capabilities. (3/23/2007) selected MicroStrategy to enhance its analytic and reporting capabilities and provide greater insight into key operational data for search engine marketing.

With the ability to obtain and analyse granular data, marketing analysts will have actionable data that they can use to improve the return-on-ad-spend of its search engine marketing campaigns.

According to an official release, MicroStrategy was selected by for its web-based platform, data and user scalability, advanced reporting and analytical capabilities, and integrated metadata for automated maintainability. marketing analysts will run reports and perform analyses against an Oracle data warehouse.

“We were looking for a business intelligence product that provides excellent query performance against our rapidly growing multi-terabyte data warehouse,” said Ron Rose, CIO, “With MicroStrategy, our marketing team will have the information they need to make strategic, data- driven decisions to help drive business growth.”