Travelmate Robotics creates first AI suitcase
09/19/2016|6:39:13 PM|ChinaTravelNews

Travelmate Robotics is creating the first autonomous suitcase that's able to seamlessly operate in crowds and different environments. The Travelmate suitcase is best described as a robot companion that goes with travelers.

It's able to follow you around, respond to commands and help carry your things no matter where you are. The Travelmate suitcase features omni directional wheels, horizontal as well as vertical autonomous modes, and an integrated AI that dynamically adjusts to new environments.

The smartphone application is similar to the autopilot feature that's found on Tesla cars. Travelmate also has directional turn signals and stop signals that serve to show you what the Travelmate plans to do.

Autonomy aside, the Travelmate has a lot of interesting features, including a removable battery which you can use to charge electronics and a portable laptop stand. It can also measure the weight of the suitcase's contents. They've also included 3 GPS chips which are used to locate your belongings. 

The Travelmate is currently running an indiegogo campaign.