Cheapflights stands out for awareness among US online adult travellers
03/22/2007|4:20:00 PM|Eyefortravel
A newly released survey has named Cheapflights as the meta-search online travel search provider with the greatest level of awareness in the meta-search category of suppliers among US online adult travelers. (3/20/2007)

According to survey findings from independent research firm Prophis eResearch, 68 percent of US online adult travelers, or an estimated 61 million US adults, reported that they had heard of Cheapflights, an independent flight search and price comparison site.

“Cheapflights’ nearest competitors – Travelzoo, Kayak and Sidestep – fell far behind the site, cited by 46 percent, 22 percent and 21 percent of participants, respectively,” according to a release.

“The survey findings offer independent validation of what we’ve long known inside the company,” said Michael Bennett, general manager of Cheapflights USA. “Cheapflights is making its mark with US travel seekers, as evidenced by our steadily rising site traffic from consumers looking for the best flight deals and latest travel news. Increased consumer interest, in turn, has fueled a very notable surge in site advertisers who want to be seen where consumers are most often looking.” lists nearly one million low-cost airfare deals from hundreds of different travel providers, such as Priceline, Travelocity, Expedia, Spirit Airlines, American Airlines, WestJet and on a daily basis.