promises best available airfare within 60 seconds
03/04/2007|5:20:00 PM|Eyefortravel
Europe’s travel search-engine mash-up has created a real-time mash-up of low-cost airfares with Kapow Technologies. (3/1/2007)

The new Internet travel site leverages the Kapow Enterprise mash-up platform to collect data and logic from dozens of leading travel sites in an automated fashion to give consumers “unprecedented ease in finding the best airfare”, stated a release. Momondo leverages the Kapow Technologies solution to automatically collect flight fares from more than 200 websites covering more than 600 global and regional airlines and online agencies to give consumers a consolidated view of the best airfares available on the Internet.

“Before Momondo, a travel consumer who wanted to find the best airfare for a given route often had to sit three to five different websites to get a reliable answer,” said Thorvald Stigsen, chief executive officer, Momondo.

“But now, consumers need only visit the site to get a single-page view of the best airfares posted on the Internet. This new web service would not be technically or economically feasible without Kapow Technologies, because it is the only solution in the world that allows our technical team to interact with hundreds of websites an automated fashion, and deliver results to our customers within 60 seconds,” added Stigsen.

According to a release, the new Internet service offered by Momondo is one of the most technologically advanced forms of mash-ups, because it makes a one-stop service out of hundreds of separate services. The Kapow Enterprise Mashup Platform is used to non-intrusively enable each of the airline or travel websites as services for the site. For Momondo customers, this sophisticated activity is transparent, yet they obtain the results their search queries in same general timeframe that it would take to get an answer from one of the leading travel search sites.