Travelport acquires third party distributor Galileo Japan
04/06/2016|10:30:21 AM|Travelport

Travelport announced further expansion of its interests in Japan with the purchase of its distribution business Galileo Japan, which was previously owned by a consortium of airline owners.

Japan is one of the world’s largest travel markets, and, in terms of flight seats offered for sale, is only smaller than the USA and China due to its large volume of domestic air travel bookings, as well as the international connectivity provided to Japanese businesses and tourists.  It is also the world’s fourth largest economy in terms of GDP.

The Galileo Japan acquisition means that Travelport can now establish a new, consolidated Travelport Japan entity in the country. All former Galileo Japan employees, including Managing Director, Yoshinobu Aoyama, will transition to the new Travelport entity which will be headquartered in Tokyo and supported by two satellite offices in Nagoya and Osaka.