Flight Explorer ready with new tools for frequent travellers
03/02/2007|5:32:00 PM|Eyefortravel
Flight Explorer (FE) has launched a new suite of advanced pre-travel tools designed to help frequent travellers better prepare for their air travel. (2/28/2007)

FE, a provider of real-time global flight tracking and airport information tools, shared that the new tools include: Flight Plan and Exact Route Flown (for scheduled, planned and en-route flights, users can view a flight’s filed flight plan versus the actual route flown (in-flight) with multiple geographical overlays); Forecasted Turbulence and Current Weather Overlay (prior to leaving for the airport, users can view their planned flight’s filed flight plan in relation to the forecasted turbulence and current weather situation).

Other features include: Zoomable Display (track and view flights and overlays at multiple zoom levels); Flight On-Time Performance History (visitors can better anticipate delays by viewing a 15-day graphical and textual history of a flight’s on-time performance); New Turbulence Snapshots (view a snapshot of the day’s forecasted turbulence at take-off, descent and cruising altitudes); Enhanced 3D Flight Tracking (view plane tail numbers and other enhancements now included in Flight Explorer’s 3D Flight Tracking tool); -- Airport Parking Reservations (reserve your airport parking spot in advance and online).

“With the new flight route, weather and forecast turbulence tools, travelers can better anticipate if they’ll have a smooth ride or need to pack their motion sickness medication. The airlines do a great job of re-routing around turbulence, so the bumps are often avoided; however it is always best to plan ahead,” said FE’s spokesperson.