TRX works on new corporate travel data reporting platform
02/26/2007|3:17:00 PM|Eyefortravel
TRX is ready with the beta release of its Traveltrax corporate travel data reporting platform. (2/22/2007)

The company, that develops and hosts software applications to process data records and automate manual processes, said Traveltrax is a web-based, on-demand reporting application designed for corporations of all sizes. TRX will sell subscriptions online at

In addition, TRX is currently working with travel agencies, airlines, and financial institutions through reseller arrangements to offer private-label versions to their corporate accounts.

According to TRX, Traveltrax fills a gaping hole for corporations -- simple, online access to consolidated, high-quality travel, credit card, and expense data that they can trust and use to control travel spending.

Visual dashboard reporting from the Traveltrax web interface gives better control over travel programmes. Subscribers can easily view their company’s current travel spending vs. budget, monitor and manage supplier contracts, and model employees’ spending patterns.

“Traveltrax is a unique and robust tool. We’re building on our core business of transaction processing and data reporting for the world’s leaders in travel,” said TRX president and chief executive officer, Trip Davis.

“This innovation is very customer-focused. We have completed a number of market studies and focus groups with corporations -- large and small, some with highly managed travel programmes and others with unmanaged programmes. The needs of the travel buyers for reporting integrity and utility are not being met. Our goal with Traveltrax is to meet those needs,” said Davis.

The platform has three levels: Standard (includes its base features and functionality: data consolidation, data extraction, standard reports, dashboard reporting, and Web 2.0-driven interactivity and ease of use), Professional (apart from base features and functionality, it has advanced capabilities to support more complex data integration, customisation, personalised dashboard visualisation for divisional or account-specific reporting, and business intelligence requirements) and Enterprise (available to travel agencies, airlines, and financial institutions to sell on a private-label basis to their corporate accounts).