Lufthansa signs on as advertiser for travel blogs on WPNI's sponsored Blogroll
02/26/2007|3:18:00 PM|Eyefortravel
Lufthansa has signed on as the inaugural advertiser for travel blogs in Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive’s (WPNI) Sponsored Blogroll programme. (2/22/2007)

Created by WPNI’s advertising team, the Blogroll programme ( is being termed as a unique advertising network using Adify technology. The company says it makes it easy for advertisers to buy standard ad units on individual blogs or across valuable categories of blogs like travel.

According to WPNI, it manually selects blogs based on their focus, regularity of posting and professionalism and links those blogs together by subject, giving advertisers an efficient method to reach the blogosphere’s young, savvy and highly targeted demographic.

Blogs partnered with Blogroll benefit from having WPNI’s sales force selling ads as an extension of ads sold across WPNI, and additionally receive a rotating spot on the homepage, which gets millions of page views per day. A completely open and transparent arrangement, bloggers can keep their existing ad relationships and have complete control over which ads get served on their site, according to the company.

Lufthansa’s campaign aims to communicate the airline’s extensive route network and premium service to over 100 European cities and beyond. In the banners, Lufthansa puts the passenger at the center of the communication, documenting and celebrating the special moment of satisfaction which creates trust in the airline and is summarized in the campaign’s slogan, “All for this one moment.”

Lufthansa, a WPNI advertising partner for a number of years, included the travel Blogroll programme in its online media plan to reach’s audience in an engaged and highly relevant environment.

While the ad units are standard formats, the tie-in with over 100 travel blogs is unique.