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Travellers apparently put off booking accommodation if photos are bad

10/19/2015| 10:26:43 AM| 中文

Hotel app provider Eviivo recently decided to run a test or two, to establish what difference a photo makes on a hotel’s website.

The idea was simple:

Take a photograph of the same property, but before and after a bit of Tender Loving Care had been added to the location in terms of lighting and how the image was taken.

Some examples, taken at ba series of independent properties on the South Coast of the UK, are below:

The top-line of the results are not a huge surprise.

Over three quarters of those who were later shown a web page with spruced up image included said they would consider booking a stay, compared to 13% for the poorer quality photograph.

The feedback from the participants is where the study gets a little more granular.

For example, 61% of people assumed the photographs, when shown both together, were taken years apart rather than just a few minutes.

When asked how much they would pay per night to stay at the properties, before and after, the difference was £43 and £91 respectively.

The impression a photograph gives to the web visitor is useful to know, too, with one in three estimating a poorer quality picture equates to poor customer service.

The situation generally, Eviivo calculates, is costing the B&Bs in the UK alone some £8.9 million year in potential guests shifting their gaze elsewhere when searching for places to stay.

Eviivo CEO Michele Fitzpatrick says:

“B&Bs and small hotels remain true to their routes as the backbone of British hospitality where service and value is paramount.

“In reality, the quality of the photos does not accurately reflect the level of service nor quality of the B&B.”

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