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How STA Travel is using virtual reality to attract crowds and sell travel

07/09/2015| 3:31:42 PM| 中文

Virtual reality continues to be a playground for travel marketers, especially as new companies emerge to cater to the demand for VR experiences in travel.

One of these new companies is OnlyInVR, a virtual reality content creation and marketing company that works with brands to deliver VR-specific experiences to customers.

By focusing exclusively on VR in travel, tourism and hospitality, the company is betting on the industry’s ongoing interest in the technology.

Interest has been far ranging, with upcoming content from the Emilia-Romagna Tourism Board, the Aspen Chamber of Commerce, Viking River Cruises and the Nadler Hotels.

Most recently, the company worked with STA Travel to create a series of previews for consumers interested in experiencing some of what that travel company has to offer.

For package tour operators, the promise of VR is to offer a glimpse of the offering to travelers in advance of purchase.

STA Travel is actually taking the content on a UK roadshow using Samsung Gear VRs to highlight the various tour options in the USA.

And given that many travelers have yet to experience the buzz around virtual reality, the existence of the content alone becomes a part of the marketing, drawing in more people to try it out.

Tim Fryer, UK Product and Marketing Director for STA Travel, highlights how this content helps the business make money:

“STA Travel is a business that has been built around our knowledge and experiences. Everyday our staff across our retail network are asked “what’s it like?” and for advice on destinations.

“The VR content and experience goes step further and allows us to bring it to life.

“It supports our existing channels whilst delivering a unique engagement experience that we’ve not been able to offer before.”

The idea being that a deeper emotional connection creates excitement, with travelers literally being able to visualize themselves there.

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