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What is shaping air travel in 2015?

12/23/2014| 10:17:52 AM|

This global airline industry trend report for 2015 was released by the Official Airline Guide.

What is shaping air travel in 2015? This trend report was released by the Official Airline Guide (OAG) on Monday.

Jet fuel price dropped by 20 per cent compared to a year earlier, resulting in a saving of US$7 billion on the fuel bill for the global airline industry in 2014, according to OAG.

The report said Chinese outbound travel will remain a hot topic in 2015 as demand for air transport continues to rise.

"Since November 2013, 19 new Chinese airlines have commenced service or are in the planning stages.Even at six per cent passenger growth annually, the Chinese travel market will double every 12 years," it added.

Many of the largest markets for travel to and from China are within North East Asia, and the number one market is South Korea.

The number of passengers flying between China and South Korea grew by 39 per cent in the year to September 2014, it said.

The combination of Malaysia Airlines' two hull losses and civil unrest in Thailand, prompted the much courted Chinese tourists to stay away from the Malaysia-Thailand-Singapore area, with visitor numbers down by 30 per cent, OAG said.

According to the OAG Traffic Analyser, zero growth in these markets comes at a time when total international passengers from China grew by 19 per cent in September 2014.

OAG expects changes in the Indian travel market.

It said anticipated reforms include scrapping the rule that has allowed Indian airlines to operate international routes only if they have operated domestic routes for at least five years.

AirAsia India started services in 2014 as the first foreign airline to set up a subsidiary in India, a move that should stimulate passenger growth.But operations by Vistara, a joint venture between Singapore Airlines and Tata, has been delayed and Spicejet has experienced financial troubles.

In December 2014, India introduced e-visas for visitors from 43 countries in an attempt to increase inbound tourism arrivals.

In 2015, OAG expects continued growth to and from Africa, and the China-Africa market will be one to watch.

In the 12 months to September 2014, 28 out of 59 African countries experienced growth from China in excess of 60 per cent, it said.

It said by 2034, eight of the 10 fastest growing markets globally will be in Africa.

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