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The Pursuit of Localism in the Global Hotel Business

10/30/2013| 8:09:30 AM| 中文

Now, throughout the hospitality industry, there’s widespread realization that delivering a more immersive, layered travel experience for today’s more educated and connected traveler is, if not a necessity, a competitive advantage.

In this hyper-connected world, travelers of all ages and socio-economic demographics are seeking a deeper connection with the destinations they visit. One of the major reasons for this demand is that guests are arriving to hotels with a wealth of information previously sourced through online research.

Innovative hotel brands are answering that demand by introducing guests to a diverse network of people and places in their local community,  promoting themselves as a “travel experience,” versus merely a place to sleep, to a growing range of travelers defining who they are by where they stay.

While hotels have always been gateways to a destination, the boutique/design/lifestyle hotel surge in the late 20th century elevated the urban hotel into a destination in and of itself. The idea of a neighborhood hotel acting as a community portal with a strong local following became a market differentiator for an exciting batch of new hotel brands.

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