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Is over-sharing on social media ruining travel?

09/29/2013| 10:18:34 AM| 中文

Is sharing a vital part of traveling? Or is unplugging the essence of why we take vacations?

I have a friend who posts photographs on Facebook of virtually every single meal he eats. Wild King Salmon from Spago is one thing, but an Egg McMuffin? Dude! Like the father of the bride who misses his own daughter's wedding because he's too busy filming it, I worry that we've become more obsessed with documenting rather than experiencing our vacations.

It's a tough issue, one that sociologists, media experts and travel professionals are grappling with in various ways. Ultimately there are very different definitions of "vacation," as some travelers seek to abandon technology while others embrace it.

Wired 24/7

Gradually, Americans have lost down time—first in off hours, then on off days and finally even on vacations. Recently I've received calls from editors during medical exams, graduations and even a family funeral. One by one, we've lost our enclaves as virtually the entire globe is wired.

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