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12 In-flight innovations to keep an eye out for

04/03/2013| 9:53:25 AM| 中文

In-flight innovation these days focuses a lot on purely digital developments, including wi-fi and debate around BYOD (bring-your-own-device), but a lot is happening elsewhere too, from interior design, to storage of food, to making restrooms more user-friendly.

The annual Crystal Cabin Awards recognizes excellence in aviation interior innovation, and for the 2013 awards, it recently released its list of 21 finalists. And we’ve culled that list down to the 12 that caught our eye.

1. Thales's Eyetracking and Gesture Control

The system is controlled via a combination of the passenger’s eye movements and hand motions...passengers can navigate through the seat display menu options and select their entertainment and information preferences. The use of Eye Tracking and Hand Gesture Control technologies creates a MMI (Man-Machine Interface) whereby the Field-of-View between the passenger’s eyes and hands is all within the same visual plane of the seat display, which eliminates the need to constantly look down at a remote controller to make a selection. The far reach airline seat configuration is also called pod seat. 

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