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iPhone 4: What does an upgraded handset do for travel

06/10/2010| 9:52:55 AM| 中文

For travellers there isn’t a single new feature on the handset that’s a killer piece of functionality,but there are enough new tools to suggest that as a suite of improvements it improves massively on the existing iPhone model when it comes to travel-related functionality.

Acres of coverage across the web following the official unveiling of the new iPhone handset by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. But what does it give the traveller?

Much has been made of the new device in the run up to today’s announcement, not least when an allegedly stolen handset found its way into the hands of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen.

But away from the hype and the moral issues behind paying for dodgy goods, a first look at the iPhone 4 gives little indication as to what travellers will get from it.

This is because visually it doesn’t actually look drastically different – slighter squarer edges, metallic design, but very little else.

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