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Top ten online marketing resolutions for hotel marketers in 2010

01/07/2010| 11:17:16 AM|

Industry reports show that in 2010, hotels will continue to experience declines in revenue and profits, and the recovery is expected to be slow and painful. The Online Channel is the only growth channel in 2010. What should hoteliers do to improve bookings in this slowly recovering economy?

Looking back, HeBS believes that 2009 was a year not only of challenges, but also successes for the industry. While no hotelier is sad to see the end of 2009, HeBS believes that every hotelier has learned extremely important and insightful lessons that have benefitted their Internet marketing and distribution efforts. Undoubtedly the most important and relevant initiatives in 2009 included holding every spent dollar fully accountable with analytics, not experimenting with unproven advertising formats, enhancing and optimizing the hotel website, and very carefully targeting the right customer segments. These tactics were integral parts of HeBS article “Getting Back to the Basics: The Hotelier’s Action Plan for a Difficult Economy” and hoteliers who made these recommendations priorities in 2009 were the winners in this economic downturn.

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