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Travel bloggers and their take on Twitter

09/25/2009| 9:08:05 AM| 中文

Uptake has a short presentation on the results from the first Travel Insights 100 survey, All About Twitter, released on September 21, 2009. The survey was sent to 100 travel bloggers/leaders around the globe to gauge their interest and use of Twitter.

Some key points from the survey:

- The popularity of Twitter is unquestionable. However it is a recent phenomenon, the majority of respondens just started using the tool in the past twelve months (52%);

- Despite its popularity, there is a nearly equals split between Twitter addicts (31% use Twitter ten or more times a day) and those who use it infrequently (33% less then four times a day);

- Surprisingly, the majority of respondents recommend using Twitter to find travel information such as deals and tips, only 9% suggest a consumer should not use it for trip planning;

- These top travel bloggers shared their top pet peeves including tweets that are too promotional, too mundane or too corporate. Businesses new to Twitter need to be personal and interesting.
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