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Influencers are the new travel agents for millennials, Generation Z

06/02/2021| 4:29:22 PM| 中文

57% of Gen Zers with summer travel plans said they’ll look to social media to help them prep, the same share who said they’ll use travel sites.

As Americans gear up to travel this summer, many are looking online to plan their trips, with majorities of younger travelers making use of social media in particular.

Travel planning sites such as Tripadvisor and Expedia are still the go-to resource for most adults who intend to vacation this summer, according to new polling from Morning Consult: 57% said they’ll use sites such as those, compared to 38% who said they’ll use social media and 19% who will work with a travel agent.

Gen Z travelers, however, are just as likely to use social media for vacation planning as they are to use traditional travel sites. Millennials are more likely to rely on social media than the general population, although they still favor travel sites.

Both generations are much more likely to use social media than they are to seek help from travel agents, according to a May 4-6 Morning Consult survey.

Majorities of adults across generations said they don’t follow travel influencers on social media, but 49% of Generation Z adults and half of millennials — who are at the forefront of the return to normal travel habits — follow at least one.

Travel content is ramping up on TikTok whether or not brands in the space are involved, according to data provided to Morning Consult by Kyra Media, which specializes in connecting brands with Gen Z consumers, and uses its proprietary tool, Kyra IQ, to track brands and conversations across platforms. 

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