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Can technology help hospitality labor shortages?

05/20/2021| 4:05:15 PM| 中文

Hotel companies might not be as “forward-thinking” as other sectors despite the shortages.

The hotel industry is being hampered in its recovery by a shortage of labor.

The global pandemic is being blamed for the issue because many employees left the sector as hospitality businesses were forced to shut for months on end in 2020 and, again, in the first few months of 2021.

Other workers may have health concerns about returning to work safely and a portion, especially in the U.S., are still receiving unemployment support from government.

A recent survey from the Hospitality Asset Managers Association reveals availability of staff as the top concern followed by customer demand and labor costs.

The concern was echoed during recent earnings calls with one senior hotel executive describing it as one of the most important issues currently.

Chris Nassetta, president and CEO of Hilton, went on to say that it is “constraining recovery at certain times” because hotels can’t secure enough staff to service properties.

Fiona Robson, co-founder of The Hospitality Gig, a platform aiming to provide a talent pool of flexible workers for the industry, says hotel companies might not be as “forward-thinking” as other sectors despite the shortages.

“While there are indeed challenges with staffing, many hotels who have engaged with us are still looking for more traditional methods eg they want someone to do the full recruitment or selection process, rather than embracing the more cost-effective solution that a marketplace platform offers.”

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