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Trip.com Group chairman: travel bans will hurt goodwill and cooperation

02/11/2020| 3:22:10 PM| 中文

A blanket travel ban on Chinese nationals is too radical and treats all of China as an epidemic-stricken region.

In response to the outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), at least 62 countries have implemented immigration restrictions to help contain the infection globally. 

That most countries have chosen not to impose draconian blanket restrictions on Chinese travelers is likely to have been decisions made in consideration of the countries’ long-term economic cooperation, and confidence in their own medical systems and epidemic control capacities. 

Within China, there are already strict measures to screen people who have lived in or traveled to Hubei. Compared to China, the threat of the novel coronavirus to other nations is clearly far lower. Given the stringent screenings within China, external restrictions on the movement of Chinese nationals seem redundant.

The radical policies implemented by some countries treat the entire Chinese nation as an epidemic-stricken region. In the short term, these nations will have ostensibly safeguarded their security, but in the long term, they will adversely affect cooperation with China across all areas.

Read the full article by Mr. James Liang, chairman of the Trip.com Group

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