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43% of young Chinese travelers go to Ctrip for overseas hotel booking

09/20/2019| 5:59:53 PM|

31% of travelers surveyed go to Mafengwo for overseas trip planning and 23% choose Ctrip.

China outbound is a very fragmented market but young Chinese travelers is always a very important segment for overseas tourism operators. It is because in general, this is the segment that not only they travel, they travel free and independently and we can reach them online. From Trustdata, in the first half of 2019, post-90s young users who made hotel reservations are exceeding post-80s for the first time. And post-90s together with post-00s make up 46% of the total online hotel bookers. The potential for the post-00s is huge and will increase as well.

The recent CITIE (China International Tourism Industry Expo) has attracted 500,000+ visitors of which about 200,000+ are Chinese below 30 years old (estimate provided by CITIE).

Compass Edge has conducted a face-to-face survey on the five critical steps in the Young Chinese Travelers Journey – Inspiration, Planning, Validation, Booking and Sharing. The following summarizes the survey result.

Question One: Inspiration – where do you get inspirations for your future overseas travel?

Question Two: Planning – which online platforms do you go to for overseas trip planning?

Question Three: Validation – do you search & review the short-listed hotels’ official websites?

Question Four: Booking – how do you book hotels for your overseas trips?

Question Five: Sharing –after your stay, which platforms will you share your travel experiences?


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