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Paid, owned and earned media: what matters most for travel brands?

01/09/2019| 10:58:10 PM| 中文

Creating great content is an integral first step, getting it in front of the right audience plays a pivotal role in ensuring your content strategy effectively promotes your brand as an industry leader.

In a marketing landscape where content is king, you might think it’s just a matter of creating and distributing great content. After all, if great content is what every consumer craves from the brands they favor, delivering it should be the easy part — right? But in fact, that’s not the case at all.

While content is undeniably an integral piece of any modern marketing strategy, business leaders are quick to realize that the curation of valuable and timely content is only half the battle.

In today’s market, advertising has evolved beyond print ads and commercials to include social media, influencer marketing, articles and thought leadership, integrated marketing activations and so much more. Existing within what we call a “pay to play” marketing landscape, brands today are primarily working with social media platforms that have set algorithms for content prioritization, and large media brands and publications that have a robust readership.

Free exposure is hard to come by, especially when working within platforms or publications that can leverage the value associated with their (substantial) exposure. This is where paid, earned and owned media comes into play.

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