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Coworking hotels: new hotel concept for millennials and ‘digital nomads’

11/21/2018| 4:28:22 PM| 中文

Offices are not used in the evenings and on weekends, which are the moments hotels are generally the busiest. While coworking hotels coworking hotels will make better use of space.

The new concept of coworking hotels is on the rise, according to research by Horwath HTL. In coworking hotels the hotel facilities are integrated with coworking spaces, where hotel guests and locals gather to work and meet. In this way, coworking hotels offer a hybrid of working, sleeping and living, that anticipates the needs of millennials and the strong growing group of digital nomads.

In coworking hotels the hotel room is no longer the primary product. For the modern hotel guest the workplace is almost as important as the room, if not more important. Coworking hotels offer a lively, central place where the guests have diverse opportunities to work alone or together. The most successful coworking hotels create a community and organise events, which can facilitate connections between the guests themselves, but also with the locals. By integrating the combination of work facilitites, home facilities, and leisure facilities and by offering hospitality services, coworking hotels are anticipating the needs of digital nomads.

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