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Google’s conflicted travel strategy pushes forward

09/29/2018| 6:26:45 PM| 中文

Google will soon add potential trips to its travel booking interface, starting in the U.S., retaining the research users have done in the past and bringing to them the next time they open Google’s travel booking sites.

Google has a unique status in the online travel marketplace.

On one hand, it acts as a gatekeeper and shopping environment for consumers around the world as they research and plan future trips. On the other, it sells ads to travel companies while encouraging them to pay up to receive preferred placement on its booking tools.

As a marketer, dealing with Google is crucial because of the sheer volume of users that use its services.

The company’s dual role in the sector can cause some trepidation with its partners, who aren’t quite sure if its goals as a travel seller are separate from its enormous advertising business.

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