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How brands are winning loyalty from today’s frequent travelers

08/17/2018| 4:42:40 PM| 中文

Three ways for tourism brands to gain customer loyalty: Deliver assistance from the very first touchpoint; put the traveler in control; enable and augment the traveler experience.

This month we introduced marketers to the high-value traveler. They are frequent travelers with high expectations who aren’t consistently loyal to a brand or company.

During our introduction of the high-value traveler, we challenged travel marketers to think beyond the loyalty program. Now, we’re sharing three ways travel brands are already working to win real loyalty with technology and digital marketing.

1. Deliver assistance from the very first touchpoint

Assistance should start from the very first sign of intent. According to the recent travel research that we conducted with Greenberg, search is the channel these travelers turn to first, so it’s important that travel marketers surface the right information, at the right time, across devices.

2. Put the traveler in control

The ability to choose your seat is one of the most fundamental parts of the airline experience, but travelers have no idea where in a hotel they’ll be sleeping. Hilton changed that, letting Hilton Honors members choose their exact room ahead of time from its app. Its app now has an over 90% retention rate.

3. Enable and augment the traveler experience

Easing common travel pain points helps create much needed differentiation in the industry. It’s how your brand goes from selling travel products to actually improving the experience.

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